On-Site Assessment (OSAT)

NVQ Diploma Levels 2 and 3

On-site assessment enables candidates with work experience to gain an NVQ Diploma Level 2 or 3. Our assessors visit you on-site to measure your work against the required elements of the NVQ Diploma programme. The assessors’ observation notes, combined with written and photographic evidence from the candidates, make up the candidate portfolio to complete the NVQ Diploma.

For all On-site assessment enquiries, please ring: 01243 837085

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Candidate criteria

This course is suitable for candidates with at least three years’ work experience who are currently working in the roofing industry.  It is particularly suitable for those who need to achieve NVQ Diploma Level 2 in order to obtain a CSCS card, which is increasingly required on main contractor sites.

To obtain the CSCS card, candidates also need to pass a Working at Height Health and Safety test.

Course attendance

You are visited between 3-4 times by one of our assessors to cover the course elements.

Course elements

The NVQ Diploma programme covers the following elements: Health and Safety; preparing for roofing; weathering flashings; plain tiles and natural slates.

Available NVQ Diplomas

We are able to assess the following OSAT NVQ Diplomas:

Pitched Roofing:

  • NVQ Diploma Level 2 in Slating
  • NVQ Diploma Level 2 in Tiling
  • NVQ Diploma Level 2 in Slating and Tiling
  • NVQ Diploma Level 3 in Slating
  • NVQ Diploma Level 3 in Slating and Tiling
  • NVQ Diploma Level 3 in Heritage Skills Roof Slating and Tiling

Flat Roofing:

  • NVQ Diploma Level 2 in Applied Waterproof Membranes: Bituminous Felt
  • NVQ Diploma Level 2 in Applied Waterproof Membranes: Single Ply
  • NVQ Diploma Level 2 in Applied Waterproof Membranes: Liquid Coatings


  • NVQ Diploma Level 2 in Metals Roofer (Lead-work)

Course materials

The candidates or employer must provide access at their place of work for the assessors’ visits and also provide evidence in the form of job log records, photographs and witness statements of roofing works. Further evidence is required in the form of risk assessments, method statements and delivery notes.

All the evidence, together with the record of the assessors’ observations, make up the candidate portfolio. Companies are encouraged to have an appointed person as a work-based recorder to help collate evidence.

All required NVQ Diploma documentation will be provided to candidates on final achievement.

Available grants

If you are registered with CITB there is a £600.00 Achievement Grant.

Contact and booking details

To find out more about the On-Site Assessments, including the cost of the assessment and advice on which NVQ Diploma Level to take, please contact us on:

Tel: 01243 837085 or email: scrtltd@yahoo.co.uk.