Interested in working the Heritage sector?

Our historic built heritage is a very important and profitable part of the roofing trade these days, as more historic buildings can and do move into a state of disrepair, even to the point of collapse and so, may be lost forever. And the skills needed to repair these buildings are more advanced, scarce and attract a premium.

Organizations such as SPAB, Historic England have been set up to address the problems and have saved many great historic buildings over the years. With careful assessment and sympathetic repair, using traditional skills carried forward from the past (that may have once been lost, but have been relearned through painstaking research and positive practice), the roofing industry can do it’s bit for the cultural and architectural history of our country.

Usually the first signs of damage to any building come from the roof, slates, tiles, stones, lead, slipped or missing, due to wear and tear, weather damage, or even vandalism, letting in water and leading to obvious damage, which can sometimes be very costly to repair.

Water damage from the roof to the inside of the building, can also help speed up the decline process of the whole building, damaging timberwork, plasterwork, walls, floors etc, at an alarming rate.

Sometimes, it is not just the building that gets damaged by water ingress, there is also the cost of the damage to priceless items inside too, such as artwork, furniture, wallpapers, carpets, etc., many of which, would be irreplaceable.

And “any old roofer” would not be let loose on these historic buildings. You need to prove to SPAB or Historic England that you have more advanced skills.

So, if you want to learn these advanced skills so that you can help preserve part of our architectural history for generations to come and be highly rewarded, then our Heritage Specialist Upskilling Programme Level 3 (Advanced) is for you. You’ll discover the skills to take you into the built heritage sector, play your part in preserving our history and attract a premium for doing more highly skilled and fulfilling work.

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Where do you start a career as a roofer?

If you enjoy working outside and like working with your hands, you may be considering a fulfilling career as a skilled roof slater/tiler, either…


  1. For yourself as your first job,
  2. To re-train from an existing career or
  3. For one of your employees,
  4. For your son, daughter, nephew, niece, brother, sister, grandson, or a granddaughter, or…
  5. For your uncle Bob

This article is for you!

And we want to give you the best possible start on the roofing “ladder to success”, help make your choice as a trainee a little easier based on “real” information and encourage you to take that first step.

We will help you choose where is the best place to start so that you can select the optimum route based on your current level of roofing experience using Profiling.

We ask you to come in to assess your current level of experience ‘honestly’ and make sure that you are on the right course for your present skills level, to make sure that you get the best from the course and ultimately the best value for money.

  1. FOUNDATION – 5 days a week for 3 weeks.

If you have very little or no actual roofing experience we suggest:

The Foundation Programme which aims to introduce you to basic elements in roof slating and tiling including setting out underlay and battens, laying plain and interlocking tiles and natural slates. Some mortar work is involved too (Ridges and verges). (Centre attendance certificate only)


This qualification can be approached in two ways…

  • After completing the Foundation and spending time back on site (6 months to a year preferably), to gain some actual roofing experience, you can come back in and do the (NVQ L2 certificate) 2 days a week for 7 weeks, followed by onsite assessments to complete the full qualification.
  • If you have roofing experience which means that you have started a roof by yourself without help, done all the calculations and working out, underlay, battening, tiled, slated, mortar work (Hips/Valleys/Ridges/Verges), or used dry systems then you can go straight into an NVQ Level 2 SUP.

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How do you spot the difference between high quality trained ‘Leadwork’ Professionals and YouTube Amateurs?


You’ll find pages and pages of videos on YouTube showing you how to do everything from chimney flashing to lead welding and bossing a roll end, but can you really learn to do professional leadwork from a video on the internet?

Well, we decided to put this to the test.

We watched a few videos and the first thing we noticed is that the methods shown are all slightly different!

And, there are many videos showing incorrect and very incorrect methods.

Would you be able to select which of the following are right or wrong?

  1. A folded ‘Dog ear’ internal corner?
  2. Nailing a lead valley all down each side?
  3. The welding without a ‘filler rod’ technique, can be used anywhere?
  4. Creating a molten pool to create good penetration and a strong bond, when welding?
  5. A minimum of 15mm – 25mm of lead turned into the wall for a flashing?

Obviously, there are some good videos too, but you need to know what you are looking at, to be sure you are going to produce the best job possible for the customer and for your company.

We can definitely help…

Our 3 and 5 day Lead Sheet Training Academy (Formerly the LSA) accredited courses are taught by experts with over 60 years experience between them and will set you up for many different leadwork based scenarios used in roofing today and will give you a solid foundation on which to build your leadworking career.

Call now on 08456780065



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Our fourth quarter of 2017 at S.C.R.T. Ltd

What’s been going on in the last quarter of 2017 at South Coast Roof Training Ltd? Thought we’d have a catch-up on the last three months of the year.

OCTOBER – This was a really busy month at S.C.R.T. with many different courses running throughout the month, these included GRP Flat roofing, Built-Up Felt Flat roofing, Lead Skills 3 and 5 day courses and a Foundation course.

Feedback from all courses has been very positive, with many looking to do other courses with us in the future.

Also, some of this month’s students have already completed courses with us before and it was good to see them back here again, building on their knowledge from site and past training.

NOVEMBER – This month saw a new NVQ Level 2 SUP starting, we seem to be having a few maintenance companies wanting to get their workers trained and qualified in the necessary roofing skills for the different types of roofs and why not? All are very welcome.

Our ever-popular Lead Sheet Association accredited Lead Skills 3 and 5 day courses ran again, with everyone leaving happy to have added another string to their bow or to have increased their confidence in using lead in many different work based scenarios.

The Lead Skills 3 and 5 day courses are always very popular, so if you would like to book for 2018, remember to book early as we are already taking bookings, please click here for available dates.

The GRP Flat roofing course continues to be well received again this month and kept everyone busy throughout.

A first for the centre this month, was a dedicated Lime Mortar for roofing course, which is usually part of the Heritage SUPs and SAPs, this went very well, with students already looking to follow up with a Heritage SUP in April 2018 to add more knowledge and back up skills already known and learnt.

DECEMBER – Our ongoing NVQ Level 2 SUP will finish this month, good luck to all.

Don’t forget our new FAQ button for our most frequently asked questions, this may answer some of your queries and has information for those who are thinking of booking or who have booked a course with us.

Finally… Happy Holidays to everyone!

Also, we hope you have a healthy, happy and successful 2018,

Maybe we’ll see you then! 😉

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Our third quarter of 2017 at S.C.R.T. Ltd

As we draw closer to the end of our third quarter of 2017 at South Coast Roof Training Ltd and move into Autumn, I thought we’d have a catch-up on the last three months and let you know what’s been going on here.

JULY – This was a bit of a strange month for us. Usually, we have a good mix of skills being learnt at the centre, but the whole month was filled with Leadwork 3 and 5 day courses. Not that we were complaining, as all courses were full and trainees left the training centre very happy with the skills they had learnt. Nice to think that because of the positive feedback, we’ll be seeing many of them again on different courses and they’ll be welcome back anytime.

AUGUST – August was a very different month from July. No Leadwork courses this month, which wasn’t a problem as Interest in courses come in different waves of popularity throughout the year. This month we had a very different mix of courses, including: GRP flat roofing, Built-Up Felt (an introduction), NVQ Level 2 SUP and Foundation courses. All were very enjoyable to deliver and well received.

Also, this month saw our website revamp completed. A new dropdown menu was added at the top of the homepage, which collects everything together in one place for ease of navigation. The dropdown menu also includes a new FAQ button for our most frequently asked questions, with information for those who are thinking of booking or who have booked a course with us.

The website also includes our Facebook and Twitter pages for anyone who would like to follow us on social media… so we’re just a click away 😉

SEPTEMBER – We enjoy the variety of work at the centre, it helps keep the centre moving forward…

So, all change again at the centre this month, but still busy with Leadwork and Foundation courses, with some attendees wanting to book places on other courses in the future – Excellent!

NOTE: Dates for Built-Up Felt flat roofing courses for 2018 are available, please click here for more information.

Looking Forward… Our fourth quarter of 2017 at South Coast Roof Training Ltd will be slightly shorter because of the Xmas and New Year break, but we will be no less busy than the last few months as we have GRP, Built-Up Felt, Foundation and Leadwork courses ongoing…

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Some news for April 2017 at SCRT

West Dean College Heritage Roofing course at SCRT

On Thursday 27th April, South Coast Roof Training Ltd hosted the practical element of the Heritage Roofing course run by West Dean College (in West Sussex) in conjunction with Heritage England.

Students from Ireland, Canada and Great Britain attended the hands-on session.  They were split into four groups and started by sorting, grading and stacking random sized slates; they were then instructed in preparing a gauge stick before battening out the rigs prior to laying the slates to give diminishing courses.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All the students gave positive feedback on the day’s activities, which were organised and overseen by Centre Tutor Yusof Abdullah with the assistance of Centre Tutor Peter Cullingham.

West Dean College is currently planning another Heritage Roofing course to be held in 2018, for further information click here.

For information on all the courses available at South Coast Roof Training Ltd please contact us on 0845 678 0065

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A quick catch-up from SCRT

We have been very busy with all the courses at our training centre in Littlehampton, West Sussex!

Currently we are running a Level 3 Heritage SUP (Specialist Apprenticeship Programme), covering various aspects of this highly skilled work, including clay tiling, random-sized natural slating and stone slating.  Click here for information on the Heritage SUP course.

The Built-up Felt Flat Roof course that took place in March was very well received.  The participants were instructed in the basic techniques of using torch-on felt roofing products.  Click here for information on the Built-up Felt flat roof course and a list of available dates.

An NVQ Level 2 SUP in Roof Slating and Tiling is commencing in March, where operatives who already have a basic knowledge of roofing, can upskill to increase their experience and confidence.  This, when combined with on-site assessment, will enable them to achieve an NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Roof Slating and Tiling.  Click here for information on the NVQ Level 2 SUP in Roof Slating and Tiling.

The LSA Lead Skills courses for April 2017 are now fully booked.  The next available dates on this popular course are 30th May 2017 and 5th June 2017 for 3-day welding or bossing or 5-day combined.  Click here for a complete list a available dates in 2017, and for further information on the Lead Skills courses.

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News from SCRT July 2016

NVQ Level 2 SUP Roof Slating & Tiling

Two operatives, one from Richard Soan Roofing Services, the second from M J Coleman & Sons Ltd, are currently undertaking the workshop upskilling element of the NVQ Level 2 SUP in Roof Slating & Tiling.  They are working on natural slating.
Click here to find out more about the course.

NVQ Level 3 Heritage Roofing

A candidate is halfway through the workshop element of a 30-day upskilling programme of the NVQ Level 3 in Heritage Roofing.  He has worked on plain tiling to a curved roof with swept valleys, and is currently working on an eyebrow detail.

Clay plain tile swept valley and curved roof

Example of clay plain tile swept valleys and curved roof

Click here to find out more about the course.

Bespoke Upskilling course

Several operatives are attending a bespoke Upskilling course for Plain Tiles, concentrating on swept valley details.

Example of a tiled swept valley

Example of a tiled swept valley

Click here to find out more about Bespoke Upskilling courses.

Lead Training

Following expansion of the Lead Training Facility at South Coast Roof Training, we can now take up to 6 people on the 3-day lead bossing course.  Extra dates are now available:

Monday 12th September 2016 – 3-day lead bossing

Monday 7th November 2016 – 3-day lead bossing

Lead apron flashing

Lead apron flashing

Click here to find out more about the course.

NVQ Level 2 & 3 via OSAT

We are receiving a steady number of enquiries, for NVQ Level 2 and 3  via OSAT, across all roofing disciplines.

Click here to find out more about On Site Assessment.

2-day Built-up Felt Flat Roof course

Our Built-up Felt Flat Roof course is proving to be popular.  The course running on 15th and 16th August has only two places available.  The next course will be on 10th & 11th October.

Built-up felt completed abutment detail

Built-up felt completed abutment detail

Click here to find out more about the course.

For further information on any of our courses please phone us on
0845 678 0065

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SCRT News – March 2016

South Coast Roof Training would like to express our gratitude to ESCO (The European Slate Company) for supplying the Training Centre with a quantity of 400 x 200 Spanish slates for use in our Apprenticeship Framework programmes.

In April 2016, we are combining with West Dean College and Historic England to run a practical Heritage workshop for The Conservation and Repair of Slate and Stone Roofing.
For further details of our Heritage Skills SUP course click here – for details of our Heritage Skills SAP course click here

We have a new trainer for the 2-day Built-up Felt course.  There are 4 places remaining on this popular course on 25th and 26th April 2016 – book early to avoid disappointment.  Call us on 0845 678 0065
For further details and dates click here

Two NVQ Level 2 SUP (Slating & Tiling) candidates have just achieved their award – congratulations!
For further details click here

Our current cohort of Roof Slating & Tiling Apprentices will soon be completing the course – keep up the good work!
For further details click here

Our Lead Skills Course workshop is currently undergoing expansion and we will soon be able to offer more places – check the website regularly for updates!
For further details click here

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Catching up on some of the latest courses at SCRT

A new cohort of CITB Roof Slating & Tiling apprentices started their 2-year framework training programme on 20th October 2014.  They spend 3 days per week for four weeks at the Training Centre, then the following four weeks with their employer.  The next course will start in June 2015, for further details on this course click here or phone 0845 678 0065.

An EPDM course (one of our new courses) ran in September, the next course will run on 3rd December 2014.  For further details or to book on a course please contact Dan Anstey on 07711156339 or email:

EPDM course

EPDM course in action


Forming an internal angle


Another new course that we are introducing will run on 8th & 9th December – this is a 2-day Built-up Felt Roofing course which covers the basics in technical and Health & Safety aspects, for further details or to book on a course please contact Dan Anstey on 07711156339 or email:

Two candidates from the first Heritage Roofing Specialist Upskilling Programme (SUP) have recently successfully completed the course – well done guys!  For further details on this course click here or phone 0845 678 0065.

Water testing random-sized slate roof

Water testing random-sized slate roof

We are registering experienced roofers on the NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Roof Slating & Tiling and Applied Waterproof Membranes via OSAT (On-site Assessment) programme.  The candidates have the opportunity of gaining a qualification whilst ‘on-the-job’.  There is some funding available for this programme.  For further details click here or phone 0845 678 0065.

A wide variety of Health & Safety courses has been organised via the South Central Independent Roof Training Group including: SMSTS, SSSTS, Manual Handling, Working at Height  and Asbestos Awareness.  For further details on H & S courses click here or phone 0845 678 0065.

We are running courses on BS5534 Roof Slating & Tiling Updates.  This course is free of charge to NFRC members.  The next course will run on Thursday 4th December 2014 – there are a few places available, if you would like to attend please phone 01243 828718.

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