How do you spot the difference between high quality trained ‘Leadwork’ Professionals and YouTube Amateurs?


You’ll find pages and pages of videos on YouTube showing you how to do everything from a chimney flashing to lead welding and bossing a roll end, but can you really learn to do professional leadwork from a video on the internet?

Well, we decided to put this to the test.

We watched a few videos and the first thing we noticed is that the methods shown are all slightly different!

And, there are many videos showing incorrect and very incorrect methods.

Would you be able to select which of the following are right or wrong?

  1. A folded ‘Dog ear’ internal corner?
  2. Nailing a lead valley all down each side?
  3. The welding without a ‘filler rod’ technique, can be used anywhere?
  4. Creating a molten pool of lead to create good penetration and a strong bond, when welding?
  5. A minimum of 15mm – 25mm of lead turned into the wall for a flashing?

Obviously, there are some good videos too, but you need to know what you are looking at, to be sure you are going to produce the best job possible for the customer and for your company.

We can definitely help…

Our 3 and 5 day Lead Sheet Training Academy (Formerly the LSA) accredited courses are taught by experts with over 65 years experience between them and will set you up for many different leadwork based scenarios used in roofing today and will give you a solid foundation on which to build your leadworking career.

By the way, the only 100% correct answer above is… Number 4.

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