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Our historic built heritage is a very important and profitable part of the roofing trade these days, as more historic buildings can and do move into a state of disrepair, even to the point of collapse and so, may be lost forever. And the skills needed to repair these buildings are more advanced, scarce and attract a premium.

Organizations such as SPAB, Historic England have been set up to address the problems and have saved many great historic buildings over the years. With careful assessment and sympathetic repair, using traditional skills carried forward from the past (that may have once been lost, but have been relearned through painstaking research and positive practice), the roofing industry can do it’s bit for the cultural and architectural history of our country.

Usually the first signs of damage to any building come from the roof, slates, tiles, stones, lead, slipped or missing, due to wear and tear, weather damage, or even vandalism, letting in water and leading to obvious damage, which can sometimes be very costly to repair.

Water damage from the roof to the inside of the building, can also help speed up the decline process of the whole building, damaging timberwork, plasterwork, walls, floors etc, at an alarming rate.

Sometimes, it is not just the building that gets damaged by water ingress, there is also the cost of the damage to priceless items inside too, such as artwork, furniture, wallpapers, carpets, etc., many of which, would be irreplaceable.

And “any old roofer” would not be let loose on these historic buildings. You need to prove to SPAB or Historic England that you have more advanced skills.

So, if you want to learn these advanced skills so that you can help preserve part of our architectural history for generations to come and be highly rewarded, then our Heritage Specialist Upskilling Programme Level 3 (Advanced) is for you. You’ll discover the skills to take you into the built heritage sector, play your part in preserving our history and attract a premium for doing more highly skilled and fulfilling work.

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