Looking to get your workforce qualified to win more work?

If you have one or more roofers working for you and you want to win more jobs, take on more site work or get a better rating on Check-a-Trade…

Then South Coast Roof Training is for you!

We will help your roofers improve their existing skills.

We will add the missing skills to give them more confidence to work on bigger, more challenging jobs.

You will win more work and make more money.

It’s a no-brainer!

We will help you find the level of your roofers, identify the best place to start and tailor the training to match their current skills by profiling (We assess what level the employees are at ‘honestly’ so we can make sure they are on the right course for them. Which means they will get the best from the course and you get the best value for money)

(Profiling can be done over the phone, for those with too far to travel, but ideally, we prefer for your employees to visit)

What do we look for? – If they have started a roof by themselves, have done the calculations/working out or had a go, done underlay, battening, tiled, slated, mortar work, or used dry systems then they could go straight into an NVQ Level 2 SUP, followed by onsite assessments to complete the full NVQ qualification.

NVQ LEVEL 2 SUP – 2 days a week for 7 weeks (Thursday & Friday)

Call now on 08456780065


Email: scrtltd@yahoo.co.uk

‘We’re just a call or click away’

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