Lead training can add to your skills and work opportunities

Two candidates from Sergent Roofing enjoyed a 5-day lead course at the Training Centre, where they learnt the principles of lead bossing and welding.

Lead welding examples of soil pipes

“Thanks a lot. It has been a really good course, made easy to understand and complete for a beginner like me. I can’t think of any way it could be improved.” Daniel Sergent, Sergent Roofing

Dressing an internal corner

“Great course, great tutors, I never thought I’d learn so much in just one week. Thanks a lot.” Carlton Sergent, Sergent Roofing 

Dressing lead over a wood roll

The Training Centre has a new rig with scaffolding, which allows candidates to learn how to form lead bays to a flat roof, incorporating wood rolls; and to lay lead to a box gutter with step-trays.

Find out more about our Lead Courses.

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