New flat roofing course at SCRT

South Coast Roof Training has started a new practical hands-on course at the training centre for flat-roofing contractors, using the CrysticROOF Premier system (manufactured by Scott Bader Co Ltd.), which uses fibreglass chopped strand mat laid on to decking and bonded with a resin and a topcoat to complete the roof construction.  The contractors who took part in the first course came from various areas in the south-east, such as Kent, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex.

Applying the top layer of resin to a practice rig

The one-day course, which is limited to 8 participants, includes refreshments, lunch, and hand-outs.

The practical hands-on session

For further information, or to book a course please contact Stuart Davis of SIG Roofing

Tel: 01273 897651

Mobile: 07721 015421


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