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New Heritage Roofing SUP course dates added

The Heritage Roofing SUP course is proving very popular, so we have added a couple of extra course dates into our programme:

  • Thursday 22nd May 2014
  • Thursday 10th July 2014

Phone us for further information, to discuss your requirements, or to book on a course:

0845 678 0065

During April  the experienced roofers on the current Heritage Roofing SUP course, have been working with clay plain tiles on swept and laced valleys, a curved roof, an ‘eyebrow’, and vertical tiling, and they have recorded a roof, calculated a gauge stick for random diminishing slates, prepared a roof slope for laying random slates, and  used lime mortar techniques.

We have also held 5-day and 3-day Lead Skills courses.  We have dates for Lead Skills courses running throughout the year, click here for more information.

We are hoping to offer further flat roof courses using Built-up-Felt and EPDM, in the near future.  Keep checking the website for dates.

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Roofing courses in March 2014

March was another busy month at South Coast Roof Training.

The GRP flat roof course was, as always, fully subscribed.  The next course will be on Friday 2nd May 2014.  If you would like further information, or to book on this course, click here.

March GRP flat roof course

March GRP flat roof course

The Level 2 Diploma Roof Slating and Tiling course was running, with two cohorts – one working with plain tiles, the other with interlocking tiles.  Meanwhile, a trainee from an earlier cohort, Corey, has successfully achieved the Level 2 Diploma.  Congratulations Corey, your hard work has paid off!

Cutting plain tiles

Cutting plain tiles – Diploma course

Blog Dip ridges

Fixing ridge tiles – Diploma course

We ran a 2-day Upskilling slating course, which covered laying felt and battens and then setting out and fixing the slates, including cutting.  Our bespoke Upskilling courses are available throughout the year, give us a call to discuss your requirements on 0845 678 0065, or for further details click here.

Another Heritage Roof Slating and Tiling Level 3 SUP (Specialist Upskilling Programme) course started in March.  The participants will cover topics such as plain clay tiling, random sized slating, stone slating and the use of lime mortar.  For more information on the Heritage Roof Slating and Tiling Level 3 SUP click here.

The 'Sussex' cut vertical tiling using hand-made clay plain tiles

The ‘Sussex’ cut vertical tiling using hand-made clay plain tiles

A swept valley using hand-made clay plain tiles

A swept valley using hand-made clay plain tiles

The more ‘in-depth’ 30-day Heritage Roofing Skills SAP (Specialist Apprenticeship Programme) will commence on Thursday 22nd May 2014.  For more information click here.

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Bespoke lead skills course

South Coast Roof Training recently ran a bespoke 2-day lead course, on a one-to-one basis.  The participant wanted to learn various lead elements, such as covering a dormer roof, with a roll feature, together with the dormer cheeks.  He also carried out various lead bossing and welding techniques including features dealing with wood cored rolls.

For further information, or to book on a Bespoke Lead Skills course, please phone us on 0845 678 0065

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Lead bossing and Heritage SUP courses

Last week at South Coast Roof Training Ltd we held a 3-day lead bossing course.

Lead bossing and external corner

Lead bossing and external corner

For more information on our 3-day and 5-day Lead Skills courses click here.

The Heritage Roofing SUP roofers were also attending the training centre on Thursday and Friday.  They were learning how to record a roof, mark up a gauge stick for random sized slating, re-slating a random-sized slate roof slope, and slating a random-sized roof slope including a decorative panel.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For further information on the Heritage Roofing SUP and course dates click here or phone 0845 678 0065

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Catching up on recent events at SCRT

Since the last News item we have been quite busy at South Coast Roof Training.  A couple of weeks ago we had a visit from Flex-R Ltd with a view to running EPDM flat roof courses at the training centre, in conjunction with SIG.  It is early days still, but we hope to have courses up and running by early summer.  Keep checking the website for course dates.

 We also had a visit from SPRA (Single-ply Roofing Association) to discuss the possibility of running single-ply flat roof courses.  This is currently at the ‘twinkle in the eye’ stage, so very early days.  Watch this space!

 Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming James Mott of ProjectBook on a return visit to SCRT.  He commented on the changes that have occurred in the training centre since his last trip to Littlehampton.  The Heritage SUP Roofing candidates (from Clarke Roofing Ltd) were busy working with plain clay tiles, donated by Keymer Tiles Ltd, on a curved roof and a swept valley.

Heritage SUP candidates working on a curved roof and swept valley using clay plain tiles

 The candidates commented:

Doing this course has helped me understand different types and styles of roofing which I can take with me throughout my career as a roofer. It has shown me different methods that could have taken me a lifetime to learn.
Robert Sedgwick

In my time on the course so far I have been taught traditional methods in the perfect environment, where time and cost is not an issue.
The experience and knowledge of these methods is priceless, especially as a lot of these techniques are being forgotten or have been lost throughout the years…
Joe Rowland

The course gives you the knowledge of advanced roofing that might take a lifetime to learn on site.
Mark Ince

 The Heritage SUP Roofing course continues on Thursday and Friday.  New dates for the Heritage SAP Roofing course and Heritage SUP Roofing course will be available shortly.

This week we have run a CrysticROOF GRP flat-roof course, in conjunction with SIG, which was fully subscribed.
The next courses will be held on:

  • Friday 7th March 2014
  • Friday 2nd May 2014

To book on a course contact Dan Anstey on 07711156339

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New Year New Resolution!

Your New Year’s Resolution for 2014…

to make use of the funding that is available to get your workforce trained

Lead Skills courses

Take the opportunity to upskill on our Lead Sheet Association courses.

We offer 3-day lead bossing; 3-day lead welding; or 5-day combined lead bossing and welding courses.

There are a few spaces available on the Lead Skills courses:

Monday 17th February 2014 – 3- or 5-day course
Monday 24th February 2014 -3- or 5-day course
Monday 3rd March 2014 – 3-day course

On-site Assessment (OSAT) programme

If either you or someone on your workforce has several years’ experience ‘on the tools’, but require a qualification, why not apply for a place on our current part-funded OSAT (On-Site Assessment) NVQ Level 2 programmes in:

  • Roof Slating & Tiling
  • Flat Roofing
  • Metal Roofer (Lead)

The programmes are part-funded (subject to eligibility), and assessments are carried out on site (as it says on the tin!), causing minimum disruption to your work schedule.

CITB Apprenticeship Programme

The new cohort of apprentices will start their course on Monday 13th January 2014, while the existing apprentices will return on the same day to continue their training.

If you are considering taking on an apprentice click here for further information.

Heritage Skills Special Apprenticeship Programmes

It is now becoming a  requirement for roofers to have a relevant qualification to work on a Heritage project.  For further information, or if  you are a member of the NFRC, click here.

We offer several pathways to a Heritage qualification:

  • Heritage Skills Specialist Apprenticeship Programme (SAP) NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Roofing – a 30-day programme for roofers with several years experience (click here for further information)
  •  Heritage Skills Specialist Up-skilling Programme (SUP) NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Roofing – a programme of up to 13 days (dependent on profiling) for roofers with a wide range of previous experience using a variety of heritage materials (click here for further information)

For further information on any of the above courses, or to discuss your requirements please

email: or phone 0845 678 0065


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Busy week at SCRT

The Foundation group has been working on plain tiling.

The two Apprenticeship groups have also been busy; one group is working on interlocking tiles, the second group is nearing the end of their training in the workshop and are preparing for their synoptic tests.

The Heritage SUP candidates have been working on plain tile swept valleys and applying lime mortar torching to the underside of diminishing random sized slates.

Working on a plain clay tile swept valley

Working on a plain clay tile swept valley

Applying lime mortar torching

Applying lime mortar torching

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Courses update and news from SCRT

South Coast Roof Training Ltd is proud to be an affiliate member of the NFRC.

The two Lucky Draw winners from the SCRT Open Day have already undertaken their prizes – the winner spent 5 days on a Lead Welding and Bossing course, and the runner up spent 3 days on an Upskilling course.

The new Heritage Skills NVQ Level 3 Diploma SUP (Specialist Upskilling Programme) is currently under way, and the candidates have worked on recording a random sized slate roof, stripping the slates, learning the mysteries of the gauge stick, and then battening the training rig in preparation for random sized slating.

Heritage SUP candidates working on the gauge stick

Heritage SUP candidates working on the gauge stick

There are two cohorts on the CITB Apprenticeship Diploma course at the moment.  One group is working with interlocking tiles and forming open valleys; the second group is using sized natural slates and forming open valleys.

The Foundation course is working on the ridging rigs, and even after just a few sessions on the course, they are improving and growing in confidence.

Examples of ridging rigs

Examples of ridging rigs

Please contact us for further details on any of these courses on 0845 678 0065



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Successful Open Day at SCRT

The Open Day at SCRT Ltd was a great success!  The bacon butties were yummy!

Everyone who attended was very impressed by all the facilities and the variety of courses available at the training centre.

One of the visitors, Keith Marshall, said:

… my sons and I were really impressed with the wide variety of tiling on show, you have shown us that our trade is a craft and when taught by the right people, along with the right materials, it can be very impressive and something to be proud of…

We would like to thank the following trade representatives for supporting our Open Day:

We are already planning and Open Day for 2014!

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Open Day at SCRT

Come to our Open Day on Wednesday 25th September 2013

Email us to book a place:

Come and have a look around the training centre – check out our facilities; see live demonstrations and have a go yourself!

We offer a wide range of courses (check out the website), some which can be suited to your specific requirements.  Our experienced staff will be on hand to talk to you and answer any queries.

Part- and full funding is available for a number of courses and a representative from CITB will be attending to discuss your options.

You can also enjoy a Bacon Butty and a cup of tea or coffee!  (FREE and available until 1.00 pm)

Date:                    Wednesday 25th September 2013

Time:                  9.00 am – 2.00 pm

Venue:               Unit 18
                                Arndale Road
                                Lineside Industrial Estate
                                West Sussex BN17 7HD

To book a place on the open day(for catering purposes) please email us and also let us know the number of colleagues who will be accompanying you:

 We look forward to welcoming you and your colleagues to our training centre Open Day

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